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We set up a client dedicated team for every Project based engagement with an onshore Account Manager being the SPOC for the client and acting as a bridge between onsite and offshore project team members. Account Manager also provides an “Engagement Progress & Health Report” on an agreed frequency. Offshore team is staffed with adequately experienced and skilled resources with a subject matter expert acting as offshore Team Lead.

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Digital Channels

Digital is Powerful; Choose the Power of Digital Connects

Across all markets we have helped leading various consumer products, retail and distribution companies design and implement digital channel management strategies. A strong digital channel management strategy examines and uncovers new ways in which to leverage and optimize today’s digital channels, focusing on how to effectively engage, connect with and retain customers by providing a convenient, cost effective¸ secure and efficient service. Above all a successful digital channel management strategy ensures a positive and rewarding customer experience.

Web & Mobile

Our experince pertaining to technology and business domains distinguish our offerings to provide resourceful channels rather just an interface to interact with customers.

We believe in the power of simple design

We develop web-based applications for every industry and for your every business model at highly reasonable prices.

Using latest technologies and extensive experience, we offer end-to-end mobility solutions to both enterprises and startups.

In Today’s world building solution is getting easier due to connecting resources, however the most common challenges is a solution alignment with business objectives, Few common key challenges are

With us, take an advantage of the world best practices to build resourceful solutions to meet your business goals

Startups; Take an advantage of our Design, development and strategy services that deliver results in testing mobile applications

More and more enterprises are leveraging mobility to boost their top-lines, improve efficiencies and venture into new business areas and penetrate the markets.

Key Challenges and Considerations

Today, millions of mobile users depend on their devices and on their mobile apps. Mobile users are increasingly critique of user experience and performance of mobile apps. Increased usage of mobile apps also has increased the need of robust testing of these applications before releasing to market.

Our expereince and association with some of world's top oragnsitions has enriched us. We are working with new startup streams to help them grow utilising our expereince from best businesses in the world.

Are you looking for Business Transformation

Business Transformation is a change management strategy which has the aim to align People, Process and Technology initiatives of a company more closely with its business strategy and vision. In turn this helps to support and innovate new business.


We specilize to assist orgnasition to optimize their operations cost while expanding their sales & services avenue boundryless. In this journey, take an advantage of our consulting expereince to stay simple in IT needs to transform the business.

Channels connect your entire organization, allowing everyone to participate in topic-specific discussions. Channels can be private, public, or for a specific team. They are pretty much like the social network of your organization.

With a well thought out integration plan, everything works just as you would expect.

Three vital means while setting out on a digital transformation campaign .

Digital Roadmap helps to manage your business' unprecedented growth.

Three key measures while embarking upon the digital transformation journey.

While setting up digitization strategy, organisations often realize that there are strategic and operational gaps between the desired digital state and their situation on the ground. These gaps are the reasons why the digital transformation needs to take place within your organization – you should draw up an individual milestone plan based on such gaps.
Many organizations decide to kick off with a reference project for digitization first of all. Naturally stakeholders’ are eager to see a whole slew of things addressed via this project. But it is important to set right expectations that organisations do not try to meet all their objectives through a single project. The right way to see this is as an ongoing program which is continuously going to deliver the capabilities that are going to be foundational to how you engage and serve your customers.
Have an idea of ‘User Experience’ in advance – defining and designing of the UX can start well in advance of the systems implementation. There would definitely be a rationalization process required to ensure the UX design can fit the project (during the defined project timeframe for this activity) but overall this can streamline a project considerably.

Flagship Case Studies

CloudMynds core team has a commendation track record while implementing High Value Programs for fortune 500 orgnisations in various geographies.


Program Director
One of the Largest Bank at UK has embarked in a fundamental transformation programme in corporate banking for 7 streams to address cost to serve, EU divestment, improve product offerings, business & organisation remodelling in Segmentation; Re-segment B&C customers Proposition; Reinvigorate product proposition, Support Model; Align the support model to the segment propositions, Organization Model: Align the organizational Structure, Business Intelligence; Centralize analytics functions, Channels; To minimize cost to serve. Please reach us for more information Askus@CloudMynds.com.


Social Welfare Organisation Successfully Completes Business & Digital Transformation Initiative Using Best Practice Project and Program Management. This government organisation is all about helping to build successful individuals, and in turn building strong, healthy families and communities. They are tackling some of the big issues in society, like family violence and youth offending by providing: • Care and protection of vulnerable children and young people • Employment, income support and superannuation services • Funding to community service providers • Social policy and advice to government • Student allowances and loans • Social housing assessments. The organisation works closely with other government agencies, non-government organisations, advisory and industry groups, and communities and iwi. Together they aim to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of New Zealanders. Please reach us for more information Askus@CloudMynds.com


An enterprise dealing with several IT systems at the same time needs to streamline its processes for optimal output and successful implementation of strategies. Here CloudMynds holds your hand to transform your business into an entity capable of multitasking, resulting in enhanced productivity, efficient use of resources and getting your business in order. Business Challenges Multiple IT system integration which are used in different departments, processes and procedures involved in product life cycle Gauge the operational potential of the system What We Offers With an unparalleled knowledge base and wide amount of worldwide experience, CloudMynds provides you the tools, templates and procedural knowhow for success in your business. DSL setup Building CMDB based on entity relation to maximize productivity on system operation & changes Significant Business Value Ability to retrieve real-time data and get a consolidated view of the business Minimizing Operational cost Readiness in Cross business functions e.g. Cross selling and integrated collections. Enhanced performance with Global Data model e.g. CIF etc. Speed up business procedures Greater flexibility Business growth by offering Integrated portfolio management Minimize the business cycle time. Please reach us for more information Askus@CloudMynds.com.


Consulting for Business, Technology and Third-party System integration comprising Product Card Chip Technologies (SDK, DDK), Memory size, Card technology (EMV or Magnetic), Card embossing & designing Services, entire VISA system integration handling along with secured Key Management at Application Server, VISA and Embossing site, Network Management for VISA (WAP Link), Application and client site for regular BCP and DR sites, Pin printing Black Box installation and integration with Application Server. For Direct Debit and Bank Transfer management services with Third Party Banks system integration along with all revolving loan modules from origination to close along with Third Party collection system is implemented. Overall Project showcased 18% savings on allocated budget. Please reach us for more information Askus@CloudMynds.com.