Application Development

Application development by CLOUDMYNDS Consulting embraces the entire gamut of software development. From software for desktops and networked environments to web based apps and mobile app development, we take on everything and deliver outstandingly fluid results. Where technologies mesh or overlap our expert app developers blend in appropriate technologies for seamless transition from one environment to another. We are just as conversant with Oracle database application development as we are with android and iOS apps and web apps leveraging our knowledge and wealth of experience to customize apps to suit user client’s business model and objective.


CLOUDMYNDS Consulting follows a collaborative approach towards application development. Our team carries out extensive consultation with clients in order to understand their business goals and then go on to design the right architecture to fit in. Market research goes into designing of the project. Once project is approved our team proceeds with agile development, always keeping clients in the loop and testing the application as we go along. Once the application is developed it is tested and then deployed even after which we continue with checks for performance issues. This is backed by our continuing support and training plus documentation following globally defined quality processes.

Our application development service is available for:

  • Small, medium and large enterprises
  • As outsourced service for IT service providers.

We offer services for:

  • Desktop application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Web application development