Performance and Load Testing

CloudMynds offers precise and accurate performance and load testing services for developers. One of the finest performance testing companies, CloudMynds has a team of qualified, certified and experienced professionals well-versed with all the tools used to define performance and check applications for load tests.

Our process involves understanding a client, their project and the expected outcome and then design a process followed by use of the testing methodology to achieve results. Our engineers are thorough and carry out performance tests to ensure that code changes, addition or deletion of features do not affect performance and integration into the system. We check for responsiveness, stability, reliability, stability and usage of resources during the performance testing process. The outcome is delivered and analytics carried out on number of users, hits, errors, latency and their correlation to identify bottlenecks and help developers overcome them. Performance testing is recommended for websites, servers, networks and apps and works equally well regardless of whether one uses waterfall or agile development techniques.

As a specialist stress testing service, CloudMynds also carries out stress tests to check performance of systems under extreme loads.

One of the best load testing companies, CloudMynds also offers load testing service to check functioning of a system when there are many concurrent users and transactions and we use popular tools like Jmeter to determine system capability under load. This test will also help uncover memory leaks, speed, data corruption and security. This type of test is recommended for websites and mobile apps to determine endurance when a large number of concurrent users is active.

CloudMynds should be your go-to specialist for performance, load and stress tests which are implemented using modern tools. We assure accuracy and help clients improve performance of apps and systems with our tests.