Explore Our Working Style

Dedicated Team

We set up a client dedicated team for every Project based engagement with an onshore Account Manager being the SPOC for the client and acting as a bridge between onsite and offshore project team members. Account Manager also provides an “Engagement Progress & Health Report” on an agreed frequency. Offshore team is staffed with adequately experienced and skilled resources with a subject matter expert acting as offshore Team Lead.


We believe in the philosophy of making IT Simple! Our subject matter experts and technical professionals endeavor to design and deliver simple IT solutions for your complex business problems.

Resourceful Thinking

Be Creative is our Mantra! Thinking out of the box while being practically aligned with the business needs we endeavour to deliver fit for purpose solutions for our clients’ business requirements.


“Entangled particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by great distances!”

Taking a lead from this novel concept of quantum physics we believe that People and Technology are entangled. One affects the other even when separated; which makes us put equal focus on both people as well as technology.

At CloudMynds we use a human centred approach in bridging the gap between technology, business and people.