Accessibility Testing Services

One of the top accessibility testing services in India, CloudMynds offers technically superior accessibility testing backed by our insight gained by years of experience in analyzing how apps are used by various people. Our accessibility testing fully complies with WCAG2.9.

Our testing makes use of automated as well as manual processes as may be dictated by circumstances and the specific app. Mobile accessibility testing is an important part of our software usability testing services that will help clients build apps that address a broad spectrum of audiences. People with various impairments may use the app and the app should have ingrained features such as screen readers, voice dictation, text to speech and magnifiers to make it easier to access and use. We have all the tools and equipments necessary for mobile accessibility testing and a team of certified engineers to tackle all issues and deliver results that lead to improvements.

Our accessibility testing also includes web accessibility testing services. Websites are major sites of interaction between businesses and customers as well as people and complex websites can face issues across browsers and operating systems. Our web accessibility detects flaws in any such use scenarios and helps developers address them

Why CloudMynds?

  • CloudMynds has a team of finest professionals, fully qualified, certified and experienced in all aspects of accessibility testing.
  • We use a mix of manual and automated testing methods for accessibility tests to detect virtually any flaw.
  • We incorporate feedbacks of end users in the test process as an aid to improvement.
  • Our process adheres to section 508 and WCAG 2.0 for accessibility test.
  • We deliver speedy results at surprisingly affordable rates.