Web Design And Development

Right website design for a business is of critical importance. A website could be the first point of contact across the world and it has to be your brand ambassador. A beautifully designed website will generate more traffic and result in higher conversions as a result of engagement.

Factors That Go Into Website Design

CLOUDMYNDS Consulting offers superior website design services. We factor in all the following when designing a website:
  • Ease of navigation is an important criterion. Our team of website designers ensures a fluidly smooth and intuitive navigation experience for visitors.
  • Coherence of branding is another important factor in website design. Our specialists make sure that the colors, the theme and overall design conforms to the company’s other marketing collaterals with uniformity and harmony in design, typefaces, graphics, logos and symbols. Our websites become prime tools of visual communication.
  • Content is important and engages visitors. CLOUDMYNDS Consulting maintains a team of qualified, experienced and expert content developers. Content communicates. We focus just as much on content as we do on the visual layout of the text, choice of font types and sizes to make for an appealing layout that encourages visitors to explore content.
  • SEO Optimized website design is our forte. We focus on natural use of well researched keywords to ensure that the website and each of its pages are found on most search engines.
  • Seamless display across any operating system or device is another factor we focus on when designing a website. Websites we design will look good on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones with the same ease of use across all devices.

We do not believe in fancy stuff. We make sure that pages look inviting, load fast and look extremely polished and business-like without sacrificing the style element.