Product Re-engineering

Product re-engineering is modification of an existing product to bring it in line with business objectives and current technologies brought about by enhanced performance. Product re-engineering is indispensable in current advanced technology environment due to a number of reasons. One is that old software may have been put together hastily with quite a few performance glitches and lack of functionalities. Another reason is that technology has developed fast and old systems are outdated. A third reason is that markets are competitive and if one wishes to stay on top one must use the latest and the best to match customer expectations. CloudMynds offers exemplary product re-engineering services.

Key Areas

Cloudmynds offers ecommerce product re-engineering, product re-engineering and software product re-engineering services. The ecommerce field is flooded with thousands of competitors and technology plays a key role in delivering services that match customer expectations and retain their loyalty. Obsolete ecommerce solutions simply are no match for today’s technologies and CloudMynds team of expert ecommerce specialists re-engineer an existing solution through reverse engineering and ingrain improved functionalities as well as ease. In some cases it may be easy to retain the old framework and build on it to imrpove reliability and enhance functionality. What applies to ecommerce re-engineering also applies to software re-engineering where legacy and obsolete technologies impede rather than aid businesses. Our team addresses the functionality area and also security as well as reliability and assists with re-engineering that will improve performance, aid in ease of use, deliver to customer expectation and help in migrating to a superior model.

Why re-engineer?

Re-engineering a product, whether it is software or ecommerce solution, results in cost reductions and improved productivity for a client. New and improved functionalities can help a client achieve more and take on the competition. Customers also experience satisfaction because the re-engineered product delivers to their expectations. Re-engineering is better than building from the ground up because it makes use of existing code and builds on it resulting in faster implementation and fewer bugs. The bonus is our continuing support. Try CloudMynds. We pave the way for next generation performance at prices that will pleasantly surprise you.